Company Mission

Mission Statement

To become the largest and most prominent manufacturer of mid to high-end leather desk sets and conference room accessories worldwide. To exceed our customers’ expectations through superior customer service and support by shipping orders within 24 hours.

Vision Statement

To provide our customers with top-quality office accessories which add elegance and functionality to their working environments.

Company History


Dacasso’s founder and president, John Farrell, started the company over a decade ago when he purchased a large number of closeout leather desk sets from a supplier. As eCommerce was growing rapidly, John listed these items on eBay. The items moved quickly and John realized that a serious demand for quality leather desk accessories existed, and a market need was not yet being met. The limited options available at that time failed to create a working environment suitable for an executive with desktop accessories that would protect and organize with style. It was then that Dacasso was born.Dacasso quickly became the premier manufacturer of executive leather desk sets and conference room accessories. Continued focus on the market allowed our growing company to design new items and quickly introduce many accessories that add elegance and organization to busy executive offices. As Dacasso grew, more styles and products were introduced to fulfill the needs of the consumer. It was this concept of growth and imagination that fueled Dacasso’s drive to create innovative products. Dacasso became, and remains, the chosen leather desk set and conference room accessory manufacturer.

Increased innovation and demand brought tremendous growth. In 2006, Dacasso broke ground on a new facility that allowed the staff to bring the same spirit of imagination to meet Dacasso’s ever-growing product demand.

As Dacasso looks to the future, our legacy of delivering high-end leather office products to all working environments continues. Visit our online catalog and try our products today to enhance your personal office space. We guarantee you will feel like a CEO.