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16 years with Dacasso® today! Congratulations Brad Gonzalez!

Last week I told Brad I wanted a funny picture of him to celebrate his 16 years with Dacasso®. I’m surprised that, after so many years of working with me, he fell for it. But alas, here he is, circa 11/1/2004 and 1/31/2019. Yes it is true, Dacasso® ages a person!

In all seriousness Brad, congrats on 16 years with Dacasso® Leather. We have been through lots together. You are a solid part of the foundation that keeps our operation moving and growing. I value all you’ve done. And thank you for all your help in our continued successful growth. No doubt, you are a valuable part of our team.

Thanks again for all you do Brad!


– John Farrell, President of Dacasso® Leather

2019 PPAI Supplier Star Pyramid Award nominee!

At Dacasso, we are dedicated to your continued success. We pride ourselves in providing you with what you need, when you need it; on time and on budget.

If you feel we’ve accomplished this goal, we’d be delighted to receive your support for the PPAI Supplier Star Competition.

This award recognizes PPAI Supplier companies for excellence in customer service, product and decorating quality.

To submit your vote for this prestigious honor, simply visit

Dacasso Leather Conference Pads, chosen for the Singapore Summit for their world class quality.


As you may have seen in the news recently, there was a big event in Singapore this week. We were very proud to be asked to outfit the meeting table with our Conference Table Pads and were honored to participate in such an historic moment. Each pad was debossed with the commemorative logo, adding an elegant and custom look to those seated at the table.

Although standard service runs five business days, we turned this order around in two.  Producing top quality products and delivering them with reliable and professional service is how we’ve built our reputation.  Protect the investment you’ve made in your meeting spaces and add the finishing touch to the look of your room.  Dacasso’s complete line of Conference Room Accessories creates a cohesive look that enhances the beauty and sophistication of any boardroom.



Finalist for 2018 Counselor Product Design Awards – Black Leather Sleep Mask

Our Black Leather Sleep Mask has been nominated as a finalist for the 2018 Counselor’s Product Design Awards!
Counselor Magazine is published 13 times a year and is considered to be the “voice” of the promotional products industry.

Distributors across North America choose which ASI companies to honor by voting for their most-valued supplier. With over 64,000 votes cast and representing 55 different categories, the awards recognize leaders in the promo products industry based upon ASI’s Supplier Performance Ratings.

Voting ends May 18th and winners will be featured in the August issue of Counselor magazine.

Vote for Counselor Product Design Awards here


Supplying Financial, Legal, Government and Education for over 10 years!

Dacasso has been the premier manufacturer of leather conference room and desk accessories for over 10 years now!
A great portion of this success is due to our ability to serve the Financial, Legal, Government and Education industries.

We have worked with many banks and other financial institutions over the years. Providing conference room accessories for boardroom meetings
has been a big part of this success. Conference table pads, coasters and organizers are very popular in this industry.
Our imprinting options offer these institutions an opportunity to display their logo in the most elegant of settings.

Many law firms have purchased from us to facilitate their desks and meetings.
Desk pads and desk sets are a popular gift for new law graduates looking to adorn their first professional office.
We also have the capabilities for personalizing our products!  Nameplates, clocks and most of our other desk accessories
can be personalized, making for a great gift idea.

One of our favorite client’s has been the White House.
Our conference room accessories have adorned the Situation Room for over 10 years now!
From President George W. Bush to President Barrak Obama to current President Donald Trump,
our conference room accessories have gone to great use at the highest level.
The famous photo of former President Obama in the Situation Room during the Osama Bin Laden raid
features our Classic Black Leather Conference Pads-P1010 underneath the laptops on the table.
This is just one of many instances our pads have been put to great use.

Universities have been another of our more reliable clients.
We have outfitted a number of schools over the years. Outside of our desk sets and desk accessories,
we also offer bookmarks, desk clocks, portfolio cases and book weights, among other things.

At Dacasso, we strive to serve all of our client needs, no matter the industry.

Our 2017 Christmas Party at Dragonfly

We had an amazing dinner Saturday night at Dragonfly Sushi for our annual Christmas party! The food and service was fantastic and couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening with amazing people.. Big thanks to John and Melinda for a great experience!


New Product Releases for 2018!


We are excited to announce a long list of NEW products for 2018!

To go along with our Classic Black and Brown Leather Accessories, we now carry Navy Blue and Gray colors!
We also have NEW Conference Pads, Coasters, Organizers, Serving Trays and Desk Pads in our traditional styles.
And we have a Black Leather Sleep Mask that is sure to be a hit!
If you’re looking to spice up your client’s office, look no further, Dacasso has you covered!

Holiday Ornaments
Bonded Leather Holiday/Christmas Tree Ornament – Metallic Green (E2001)
Bonded Leather Holiday Peace Dove Ornament – Metallic Red (E2002)
Bonded Leather Holiday Star Ornament – Metallic Blue (E2003)

Classic Black Leather & Leatherette
Classic Black Leather Sleep Mask (E1009)
Classic Black Leather Serving Tray with Handles (A1033)
Classic Black Leather 10 Round Coaster Set with Holder (A1035)
Classic Black Leather 10 Square Coaster Set with Holder (A1043)
Black Leatherette 4 Square Coaster Set with Stitched Edging and Holder (A1318)
Black Leatherette Condiment Tray (A1324)
Black Leatherette Coffee Condiment Organizer (A1328)
Black Leatherette Serving Tray with Handle (A1333)
Black Leatherette 10 Round Coaster Set with Holder (A1335)
Black Leatherette Tissue Box Cover (A1337)
Black Leatherette Conference Room Organizer (A1340)
Black Leatherette 10 Square Coaster Set with Holder (A1343)
Black Leatherette 4″ Round Coaster with Metal Core (A1354)
Black Leatherette Conference Room Organizer (A1390)
Black Leatherette 17×14 Oval Conference Pad (P1314)
Black Leatherette Conf. Pad with Thin Metal Core (P1315)
Black Leatherette 17×14 Conf. Pad for Round Tables (P1324)
Black Leatherette 17″ x 14″ Conference Table Pad with Squared Corners and Stitched Edging (P1347)

Brown Leather & Leatherette
Chocolate Brown Leatherette 4 Square Coaster Set w/ Stitched Edging and Holder (A3318)
Brown Leatherette Coffee Condiment Organizer (A3328)
Chocolate Brown Leatherette 10 Round Coaster Set with Holder (A3335)
Brown Leatherette Tissue Box Cover (A3337)
Brown Leatherette Conference Room Organizer (A3340)
Chocolate Brown Leatherette 10 Square Coaster Set with Holder (A3343)
Brown Leatherette Conference Room Organizer (A3390)
Chocolate Brown Leather Coffee Condiment Organizer (A3428)
Chocolate Brown Leatherette 17″ x 14″ Conference Table Pad with Squared Corners and Stitched Edging (P3347)
Brown Leatherette 38×24 Desk Pad without Rails (P3432)
Brown Leatherette 34×20 Desk Pad without Rails (P3433)
Brown Leatherette 30×19 Desk Pad without Rails (P3434)